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    Einhandruten paradise

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I welcome you rather warmly in the Einhandruten paradise,

in the Einhandruten paradise you find artistic, handmade Einhandruten of more than 40 different local tree wood which I have collected largely even from the surrounding woods and have processed then in affectionate manual labour. Thus each of these Einhandruten is a unique piece from expert hand. Now since some time I also have Einhandruten free of metal after basket maker in the length 42 - 45 cm with a glass fever stick in the programme. In addition, I offer to you here also Einhandruten for therapeutic purposes.
Now anew in the programme are corner rods with a gleitgelagertem clutch from different sticks.
Furthermore I have put to you something in knowledge all around the Einhandrute and in the area of the trees on these sides at the free and applicable possession.
As well as every person is individual and is unique in his oscillation, the oscillation of every tree is also unique. This combination person - tree wood should be a harmonious connection. Then this harmonious connection also spreads obviously to the oscillation of the Einhandrute. This experience has appeared during 6 years of my activity of the rod construction and many personal consultations over and over again.
Follow her intuition while selecting your personal tree and with it then of her Einhandrute. She is a helpful road companion and the services, she performs are sometimes from incalculable value.
Combine her work with the Einhandrute, nevertheless, simply with hand-picked, natural-pure Räucherung and they find out a purification, cleaning or new ease, besides.
I have taken an other delight in it to make wood amulets or writing utensils, how ballpoint pen or fountain pen out of wood. Also here is valid, every piece is a unique masterpiece.
With pleasure I am also available to you to a personal consultation or as choice help to the suitable Einhandrute on the phone, or after the preceding terminlichen arrangement, also here on site.

Many thanks for your stay here

Wir begrüßen Sie recht herzlich in unserem Onlineshop.

Warum denn eine Einhandrute aus dem Einhandruten-Paradies? 

Es existiert eine einzigartige Vielfalt von einmaligen Kunstwerken an Einhandruten, zur Wahrung und gleichzeitigen Unterstützung der persönlichen Individualität des Menschen